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Foring Dental with Dr. Vincent Foring

Dr. Vincent M. Foring

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Dr. Vincent Foring isn’t just your average dentist – He’s a smile architect, a builder of hope, and a master of creating the impossible. With over a decade of experience and more than 500 hours of advanced training in dental implants, his passion lies in transforming even the most complex dentitions into healthy, confident smiles.

Graduating with honors from the esteemed University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Foring’s foundation is as solid as his commitment to continuous learning. He focuses his ongoing education on full-mouth reconstructions, mastering the art of blending natural teeth, implants, and innovative techniques to craft solutions where others see only limitations.

For Dr. Foring, every smile is a unique puzzle, and every patient, a story waiting to be told. He thrives on finding creative answers, even for cases deemed hopeless by others. His dedication to finding the perfect balance between function and aesthetics ensures your smile not only works beautifully, but radiates your confidence.

When not transforming smiles, Dr. Foring finds balance in the embrace of his family. Married with two children and two loyal German Shepherds by his side, his love for hiking, skiing, and fishing grounds him in the beauty of nature. This adventurous spirit fuels his approach to dentistry, reminding him that every smile deserves a chance to explore its full potential.

Choosing Dr. Foring isn’t just about choosing a dentist, it’s about choosing a partner in crafting your smile destiny. With his expertise, creativity, and passion, he’ll help you rediscover the joy of laughing freely and the confidence to share your smile with the world.